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Why Write This Book?PEP the Book

The straightforward answer is that the author has earned the right. I have many lessons and stories to share with the business community. Most lessons were self-taught from the “school of hard knocks” and have been rattling around in my head for so long that they just had to be put on paper. These are unique strategies that one can only learn through experience and by living the journey. The purpose of this book is to share my experience and my journey of the past 30 years in business with the intent of saving readers time and money, and ultimately, lead to their success.

The style of this book is affectionately known as a “Fly Over,” which suggests that the subject matter is viewed from a high altitude; it is an overview with deep dives into the details to explain, or show by example, the important points of a particular subject. Throughout the chapters, recommended readings are italicized, where one may attain in-depth details about a particular subject. The objective here is to make the reader aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the business world - the “real world” stuff that can make or break a business.

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