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Thoughts on the Book. How about you? Once you’ve read it, drop us a line and let us know, and we might just include your review here, too.

Jim with Attitude"You can't afford a vacation to learn how to run your business smarter! Forget all the laborious fluff. This book goes right to solutions! You get all the benefits of more than 15 years of lectures that I have endured in one succinct read. Your business will benefit from every turn of the page."
      - Michael J. Cendoma, Son of the Author, Founder and President of Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc.

“With a folksy tone reminiscent of a conversation with your favorite uncle, Jim takes you through the peaks and valleys of a career in business. Drawing from a lifetime of personal experiences, including both successes and setbacks, this book presents a common sense perspective on a paradigm which at times seems like anything but.”
      - John C. Locke, Director of Instructional Design Keuka College, Keuka New York

“Entrepreneurship is a journey where everything changes along the way. On that journey a “Road Map” of guidance can make all the difference in one’s success. Jim’s book is that guide, with insight only true experience can bring to the reader.”
      - Leon Bourdage, Founder of the Art of Ferrari Member of Ferrari Club of America, Board of Directors

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