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Jim CendomaA few years back, a business associate asked me to describe my business, and/or my life, in three words. Since my life IS my business, the first thought was that I can satisfy both questions with one answer, thus meeting my need to always be efficient. After further thought, it struck me that I could simplify even more and answer both questions with one word. That word is: Inspirational.

Long before my speaking career began, and many times without knowing it, my conversations with friends always seemed to inspire them. As the years rolled on, more and more feedback from business associates and friends indicated a natural tendency to always speak from an inspirational base.

Public speaking has always been a personal goal, starting in the early school years and intensifying through my adult years. This probably grew out of my love for good conversation. My friends tell me that I will speak with a dog in a hat. And that’s funny because I have had conversations with a dog in a hat on more than one occasion.

My life has been blessed in many ways; with regards to public speaking, there have been many smart, experienced and generous people willing to share their life stories with me. To that, add my own life experiences and you have an individual with lots of real life stories to share with the audience.

As I write this, it occurs to me that public speaking is really sharing good stories that address the desires of the audience. So, I am a good story tell that always wraps the subject matter in a warm blanket woven from the threads of inspiration.

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